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Automated Reporting // Personal Data Handling // Platform Integration // Website Design

Optimise in-house operations and day-to-day tasks

Problems you might be facing

On boarding Customers is tedious and counter productive on our Platform

Working with Intelligent Office (IO) API and Transact we have developed lightweight solutions to speed up customer onboarding, improve the experience and reducing telephone support time.

Creating reports is time consuming and we need a way to automate

You have come to the right place! Working with you we can develop tools to automate your information into a presentable format (MS Word, PDF) for your customers.

We rely on MS Excel and need reliable alternative

This is what we do! Deciphering elaborate spreadsheets (with macros/VBA) and modernising them into practical cloud applications to integrate with your systems.

Still using MS Access and Visual Basic - What support can you provide?

We can work with your existing applications, reducing report times, database optimisations, implementing fail-safes and recommendations to help you transition to modern alternatives.

We are over paying a London Agency and need an alternative "local" provider

This is not uncommon - please get in touch, tell us your woes and we'd be delighted to offer a pragmatic alternative.

Received an expensive quote and would like a comparison?

Happy to help, please contact us with more information or arrange an appointment with our team.

Please contact [email protected] with more information or
arrange an appointment with our Technical Advisors.

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What our Customers say

Rapid Solutions are part of the team, they solve the problems and allow us to focus on everything else.
SVP | KeyedIn Solutions
KeyedIn Solutions
Andy his team are a pleasure to work with - they are experts at what they do and has taken time to understand our business and its culture. He has guided and advised us patiently and professionally, no detail is too small or problem too big. I highly recommend.
Director | Keyte Financial Services
Keyte Financial Services

Automated Reporting with MS Word, Fact Finding and Platform Integration

Practical, lightweight applications which interact with websites, smart devices, systems and processes.

online portal

New Customer Fact Finder Portal

Finding ways to gather arduous information accurately for customers and suppliers, minimising technical difficulties and reducing time spent over the phone by employees to complete applications.


  • Secure online portal, accessed by invitation only for new customers to complete 'on-boarding' process for new account.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • User friendly form layout, validation and messages
  • API integration with established financial management system

form wizard + PDF report

Business Case Builder

Keyedin Solutions required a detailed form focusing on requirements and building a picture what a customer needed without asking traditional contact form questions.


  • Step by step form which compiles all your requirements into a single PDF Report
  • Mobile and Tablet friendly
  • Develop and identify higher quality website visitors and leads
  • API integration with SalesForce & Hubspot

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