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Problems you might be facing

We need consistency with our Quotations and avoid unrealistic requirements from Sales Team

Second most popular reason for a configurator is implementing parameters the Sales Team operate within when quoting. This ensures requirements can be fulfilled on receipt of purchase order.

Our quotation process takes too long! How can we simplify it?

Number one reason for a configurator is reducing the time it takes to write a quote and calculate a price. We have a few examples of configurator/quote builder solutions we can share - please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Looking for an interactive step-by-step Form with clickable icons to guide new User/Customer sign up process

Most online form tools do not offer a polished finish or lack detail which can make a Form Wizard or Quote Builder effective, we have a few examples of step-by-step forms with email notifications and formatted PDF report to download at the end of the process for demonstration.

I want formatted PDF report builder using our Company branding we can share with new customers and suppliers

We have a few examples we can share of form data that can be put into a neatly formatted 'branded' PDF document you can share with customers, suppliers and employees.

Will you sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) and/or grant exclusivity to work with us?

Yes we are prepared to sign NDA and grant exclusivity for our solutions subject to not finding any conflict of interest within existing arrangements or present a commercial disadvantage to Rapid Software Solutions Ltd.

Please contact [email protected] with more information or
arrange an appointment with our Technical Advisors.

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What our Customers say

Rapid Solutions expertise has allowed us to explore a whole new world of opportunity for our Sales and Marketing team.
Head of Marketing | Scanstrut
From simple web sites to complex online data handling their logical thought processes always result in no nonsense solutions, delivered on time and to budget.
Chief Executive | HMi Elements
HMi Elements
Andy his Team have been fantastic support to us, I would highly recommend using them. Andy is very professional and always comes up with a solution to any problems we may have come across.
Director | GR Scott
GR Scott

Automated Reporting with MS Word, Fact Finding and Platform Integration

Practical, lightweight applications which interact with websites, smart devices, systems and processes.

Sales Matrix Tool

Hazardous Area Computer Manufacturer Requires Online Quotation Tool

Empowering HMi Element's Sales Force, Rapid Solutions co-designed their Sales Matrix Tool (SMT) to simplify complex quotations, greatly reducing turnaround time and integrate top level BOM into there MRP.


  • Significantly reduced time to create Quotation for Hazardous Area Products
  • Preformatted Professional Word Document Quote
  • Top Level BOM and image attachments to integrate with MRP
  • Full editable pricing, currency exchange rates and costs

Product compatibility finder

Scanstrut are family owned OEM of Outdoor and Marine equipment.

Alongside Scanstrut's own team Rapid Solutions innovated their Buyer's Guide, a matrix of rules to filter the Scanstrut catalogue to help customers and suppliers find the correct product SKUs.


  • Discover which wireless or USB charging products are right for your Camper, Boat, Tractor
  • Discover the best mount for your Radar and Satcom
  • Reverse compatibility search by looking at what devices will work with your Scanstrut product


Family owned Manufacturer requires instant Building Calculator

Rapid Solutions co-designed a configurator to simplify the experience and knowledge required to write a quotation and generate a price for their Units.


  • Significantly reduced time to create Quotation
  • Ability to delegate with less experienced employees
  • Export to AutoCAD
  • Generate BOM and image attachments to integrate with MRP
  • Editable pricing

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