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If you are not going to regularly update your website then don't pay extra for Content Management.

A perfect 'micro site' solution professionally hand crafted with the latest techniques, your website will outrank any slower performing competitor website with no extra on-going security costs.

  • High performance, high speed, lightweight website design
  • Integrate with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin
  • No ongoing maintenance fees for security updates
  • Only pay for periodic updates every 6 - 12 months
  • Outrank 'slower' performing competitor websites

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Remarkably improve the quality of your website audience

"Andy listened to our ideas and websites we liked, given our limited budget he suggested not paying extra to edit our own site instead use Instagram and Facebook for regular updates. What we had not anticipated, within one week of our site going live we converted our first enquiry with little to no marketing which followed quickly with another. Customers have no trouble contacting us and often say how easy it is."
Mr & Mrs Grigg, Killerton Self Storage

Problems you might be facing

Website Design

How much do you charge?

We are not the cheapest website agency but we are also not the most expensive. All our staff are experienced and skilled workers which means our hourly rate is charged on a consultative basis. We are open to negotiation and able to offer discount based on hours and days purchased upfront. We invest in the life time value of our customers therefore we are not adverse to being competitive.

Will you take on our website support contract from another supplier?

Yes we are happy rescue support contracts from other digital agencies or rogue developers. We have a wealth of experience in website and application development there is very little we are not already familiar with.

We guarantee to be competitive as part of our philosophy to invest in the life-time of working with you as a long term customer.

What if I want to edit my website at a later date?

Prepare a list of changes required and email to our technicians to update as part of your website support agreement. Our support is tailored to the number of updates you typical require over 12 months.

Can I upgrade to a Content Management System (CMS)?

Yes you because the design and content of your website has already been established therefore conversion to a CMS is cost effective and competitive.

I have new photos and videos to share, how can I add them?

On lightweight websites, any new photos and videos you will upload via your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube/Vimeo account to appear on your website.

How can our website attract new business?

At the start of the project, we discuss your business goals and how that relates to your website. As part of the design process we determine what factors your website needs to attract new business and ensure these are implemented as part of the project and budget.

I'm not very good at writing information, can you help?

Yes we have been building websites a long time and have become accustomed to learning about your business quickly and helping you write content to inspire your own imagination or refine the information you are trying to convey.

We work with many technical companies and after a while you develop an awareness of the language and correctness required in those sectors.

Do I own my website? Can I move it to another supplier?

Yes you own your website. We are happy to provide you with a working copy of your website files for your own editing or sharing with another party.

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