Hosting and Cloud Services

Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) ASP .NET IIS, Linux, Nginx, NodeJS, PHP

Node.js PHP Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services Microsoft ASP.net Linux

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Hosting and Cloud Services

Backups and Recovery

All websites, applications and hosted systems are routinely backed up. Customers can request recovery of their data anytime - in most cases we can forensically retrieve individual files and database entries in the event of accidental overwrite or delete.

Security and Updates

We highly recommend the use of Cloudflare as a web application firewall (WAF) and are happy to configure as part of your hosting subscription with Rapid Solutions.

What Hosting do you provide?

Typical configurations for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS) solutions : LEMP and LAMP stacks, IIS for .NET and MEAN, MERN, and MEEN for NodeJS

Overall hosting is tailored based on your website and applications traffic, typical audience and throughput of data. The amount of storage required and default security settings are also configured into the hosting solution.

Can you host .NET and Umbraco CMS?

Yes no problem - we regularly work with .NET applications for other clients and familiar with Umbraco CMS.

Can you host Wordpress?

Yes no problem - customers who have fallen out with an existing supplier or require some level of rescue usually means we host and maintain your existing website(s).

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