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Colleague Management

Automate your HR activities and simplify payroll processing

  • Gain control of colleagues in your kitchens with alerts for probation reviews, visa expiry and lapsing of temporary contracts
  • Online rotas enable your site managers to plan schedules in line with customer demand and budget. This can reduce rota planning time by a factor of 10.
  • Timesheets to record actual attendance which can provide alerts for budget overspends if required
  • Contract staff can be included on timesheets
  • Electronic forms for starters, leavers and changes with associated workflow to meet your company procedures
  • Reports of holidays, sickness & staff working in other sites
  • Appraisal & training request processing
  • Payroll reports to check that the data is correct before being exported into the payroll
  • Enthuse staff by having a single place to go to for all information and actions

Rotas and Timesheets

RAPID Timesheets allows the building of rotas to meet customer demands within budgets and recording of actual attendance so that the payroll process is fast and accurate.

  • Enter rota details for each day in a week for all staff in a branch, with start & finish times and any planned overtime with monitoring against budgets
  • Rotas can include planned holidays, parental leave and other absences
  • Copy rotas to time sheets and update with actual attendance data
  • Maintain user defined categories for absences, overtime and other work types
  • A time sheet approval process for store, area or head office management
  • The export of timesheet data in a format suitable for a payroll system
  • Reports of timesheets, holidays, sickness & staff transfers
  • Personal dashboard with links to personal details, career history and holidays booked & taken
  • Maintain details of staff information, new starters and leavers with processes to support staff starters, changes and leavers using standard RAPID forms that can be changed as your requirements change


  • A personalised "to do" list of actions and forms that need to be completed
  • A list of unread messages
  • Documents that have been published recently
  • Calendar events, both company-wide and local, with links to a document, an intranet site or a web site
  • An optional banner message with links to a document, intranet site or web site
  • A search box to search documents, calendar events and contacts

Document Library

The RAPID Document Library enables users to quickly search for relevant information

  • One version of each document ensures that only the most up to date information is retrieved
  • Store documents at any level in the location hierarchy
  • Documents are stored within a directory tree for controlled publishing and retrieval
  • Upload documents either through RAPID or Windows Explorer
  • Search for content with automatic indexing of Word documents, pdfs, Excel spreadsheets and text files
  • Control access so that users can only view documents that they are allowed to view within their location hierarchy
  • User security so that certain user groups are allowed to view, upload or delete documents

Cash Management

The Cash Management module puts you in control of petty cash, cash takings and cashless takings, enabling recording of cash purchases by category, and sales by till and service type.

  • Enter petty cash purchases by customer-defined categories, including the VAT component
  • Reconcile cash purchases to the petty cash float on a weekly basis
  • Reconcile cash sales by service type and outlet to physical cash takings
  • Enter charges to account cards (cashless payments), money paid to top up cards, and reconcile to total card liability on a daily basis
  • Record banking and the reconcile with till cash takings to a central float
  • Report on cash purchases, VAT, and export data to spreadsheets


The calendar holds a list of events centrally, alerting users to relevant events.

  • Events can be defined by location and category
  • The display of events depending on the user’s role and position in the location hierarchy
  • Local events for a site or a store will appear for that location only, and authorised users up the location hiearchy
  • You can add a link to a document or an external web address
  • You have the ability to include the expected effort for a calendar event, which is then displayed on the rota and timesheet
  • Configure event categories by location and control who is can update or view events

Actions and Alerts

Your stores and catering sites are presented with a list of outstanding actions to alert them to their priorities for the day, week and month ahead. Your head office, regional and operations managers are kept informed by RAPID which branch has not completed any action.

  • Tasks can be issued to all locations, specific locations or to an operational area and completion of tasks is monitored by operational, regional and head office managers.
  • Data that is collected on a regular basis can be setup as a scheduled form so that it automatically alerts the branch that is it due. Examples include cash reconciliations, stock counts, management reviews and health & safety audits.
  • Forms can generate workflow actions to be completed elsewhere in the organisation, for example accident reports can alert a health and safety manager and holiday requests can go to an individual’s line manager for approval.
  • Events can generate actions be it the expiry of a staff member’s right to work documentation or a below target trading performance.
  • At all stages, managers are in control of the actions being completed in their organisation ensuring consistent execution of activities throughout the business

Managed Forms

Rapid enables users to create forms with flexible prompts, dialogue boxes, grids and validation.

  • Forms can be restricted by role and location hierarchy
  • Completed forms can be sent as a message to a user
  • Forms can be scheduled to be completed at regular intervals (e.g. daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  • “Action” forms can be monitored to give a detailed view of who has completed the form
  • Workflow forms can trigger actions for other users elsewhere in the organisation. Examples might be accident reports or holiday requests.
  • Form data can be exported to a spreadsheet

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