About Rapid

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee quality and a reliability to help you grow your business

What we do

  • 2 year warranty on any solution we provide
  • Guarantee fast loading, high performance software applications and websites
  • Guarantee your website will organically rank first page across all major search engines for searches related to your 'Company Name'
  • We help you improve operations with forward thinking ideas that suit your current situation.
  • All engineering, design and development is in the UK from Cullompton, Devon and Leeds, West Yorkshire
  • Price promise there is no commission on our quotes
  • We coordinate with trusted partners for specialist professional services (when required)
  • We complement Marketing Teams by providing technical know-how and attention to detail

What we don't

  • Provide 'smoke and mirrors' marketing services
  • Sell pay per click advertising
  • Sell social media promotion and content creation (for the sake of it)
  • Persuade you buy services you do not understand
  • Over promising statistics of new leads, conversions and online turnover
  • Whilst we provide a similar services and expertise we are not a marketing agency

Company History

Our Legacy

Rapid Solutions has been creating online software since 2005. Our journey has been fueled by our passion for delivering impactful solutions, and our joy lies in watching our clients thrive with our contributions. We pride ourselves on a straightforward approach at every stage of a project.

Our Approach

We create lightweight solutions which fill the gaps between your existing systems to

  • Reduce duplication and human error
  • Save time
  • Interact with existing software
  • Improve accuracy of information and reporting
  • Preserve existing IT by delaying the need to reinvest and upgrade

At the heart of our operations is our commitment to your success and lifetime value.

Think of us as your extended team – dedicated online software consultants who understand your business and are adept at translating that understanding into tangible results.

The Team

Think of us as your extended team

Andy Routledge


Specialty: Information System Analyst | Databases | Business Applications

Mike Eaton


Specialty: Founder of Rapid Answers | Business Applications

Sarah Burnett

Full Stack Lead Developer

Specialty: Everything Websites | Software Engineer | Systems Architecture

Harry Newman


Specialty: Websites and Applications

Ben Johnson (Web2Works)

Senior Full Stack Developer

Specialty: Everything Websites | Software Engineer

Phil Crowther (FreshInc)

Graphic Design

Specialty: Branding | Graphics and Visual Design

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